What Does a Building Inspection Department Doesn?

The role of the Construction Inspection Department is to ensure that buildings meet all applicable health and safety standards. This department is part of the New York State Department of Health. Its review work is performed in all the buildings which are inspected by it. A good inspector will do a comprehensive check of the building and provides written reports. These reports have been submitted to the Department of components for their upcoming review. The inspection work is normally a two stage process – a primary phase where the contractor will prepare the reports and submit them for approval, and another stage where the contractor will inspect the premises to verify compliance with all the recommendations made in the reports.

The review department staff can be of many types. The inspectors may be full-time appoints, part-time or contractual. Full-time inspectors have the responsibility for carrying out inspections on a permanent basis. On the flip side, contractual or part-time inspectors have been employed on a temporary basis. Both kinds have different responsibilities and work procedures.
Full-time inspectors oversee and perform the task of the inspector assigned to their own area. They run regular inspection at specified locations. The review period is usually twice annually, for the entire year. During the review they inspect all the components and facilities, make a report and forwards the report to the involved department. The Department of components will use this report in deciding if the components and facilities need to be repaired, reconstructed, or renovated.

The second stage of the inspection involves a trip by the General Services Administration (GSA) representative, who manages the entire process. The GSA representative will visit the centre for a specified period of time and inspect the repairs and modifications that have to get carried out. In the event the essential repairs can’t be completed within the specified time period, or when any essential alterations are found, he’ll need the assistance of the managers or owners to submit the necessary documentation and submit an application before the end of the stated inspection period. In the event the inspection determines that some alterations or alterations are required, the proposed course of action is to make the suggested changes or repairs and then again submit it to the concerned department before the next inspection.

Full-time inspectors are often assigned to buildings which are big enough to get a fulltime GSA representative, while part time inspectors are usually delegated to properties which require some corrective activities just during the inspection period. For instance, inspectors would be covering plumbing problems just during the building review and issuing a report about it after the inspection is over. Part-time inspectors are usually employed by real estate agents to cover a building inspection once the broker is not present.
If you’re planning to function as an independent contractor or builder, you have to first complete a training program to obtain certificate. This program will train you on the reviews that you will have to perform in order to have a job as an independent contractor or inspector. It will also instruct you how to prepare a report whenever you are submitting it for the inspection department. Ensure your training includes all the information which the department wants so as to issue a great inspection report.

As soon as you’ve received your certificate, you’ll need to submit it to the concerned agency. Make sure that you submit an application according to the specific format that they dictate. Should you need to correct any inaccuracies that you find on the record, then do not simply add some notes from the margins. The correction of errors and inaccuracies constitutes an honest report which will help the department improve its own operations.

You may also make an application for a Building Inspection Specialist (BI) certification. The qualification requirements are different from the other certificates, but the requirements are basically similar. As a BIS specialist, you’ll need to research the materials utilized in building, how energy efficient a building is, and also the quality of living in the areas where the building is situated.