Stars With a Martial Arts Background

Whether it’s John Cena or Benny the Jet, the martial arts background of these stars will be evident from their movies and television shows. While we’re on the subject of fame, who are the most famous actors and actresses with a martial arts background. The list goes on and on, but who is the most famous for having a background studying martial arts? Chuck Norris (Chow Yun Fat), Karen Sheperd and Chow Yun Fat are some of the black belts who have been trained in different styles.

John Cena

John Cena, a WWE legend, has a long history in martial arts. The 16-time world champion channels his energy from ringside cheers and boos into his MMA training. Cena is loved by WWE, but many of his fans don’t realize he has a vast martial arts background. John Cena has been a part of the UFC’s evolution over the years. He has even added some crazy moves to his arsenal.

Benny and the Jet

The character of Benny the Jet appeared in Japanese comic strips. Although he is best known for his MMA fighting, he also has a background as a martial artist. His first fight was against Billye Jackson, a relative unknown from Texas. Jackson refused to fight with kicks. Jackson retired from kickboxing last season with a record of 22-2. Urquidez, despite his success in kickboxing, has kept his martial arts background.

Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat, an actor, is best known for his role playing Li Mu Bai in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (1999). The film received favorable reviews all over the globe and was nominated four Academy Awards. Chow was also honored with an honorary degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. His martial arts background is a mystery, but he has long been a fan of martial arts.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris, an American martial artist and actor, holds multiple blackbelts in a variety martial arts. He has a background of martial arts having served in America’s Air Force and won many championships. Norris is most well-known for his founding of the martial arts style Chun Kuk Do. His career as an actor has brought him worldwide fame, and many of his movies have incorporated the martial arts practice into their plots.

Jeff Imada

American martial artist Jeff Imada is a stuntman, author, and martial artist who has appeared in over 100 movies. He has training in Jeet Kune Do. Eskrim. Boxing, Tae Kwon Do. and Kendo. He has also been trained in karate. Imada has worked in many fields and is able to combine martial arts with other talents.

Karen Sheperd

It’s no secret that martial arts star, Karen Sheperd, has a martial arts background. She was a top competitor in all forms in the late 1970s and was the first female to hold the number one position in any form. She studied many styles and was eventually cast as the ultimate killer sent to her by Goddess Hera. She continues to promote martial arts through training and personal appearances.

Jon Foo

Jon Foo is an English actor with a strong martial arts background. He was born in London and is most well-known for his role as Jin Kazama in Tekken. The movie is based on the videogame. Foo’s father is Chinese and his mother is Irish, so he is no stranger to kung fu. Foo is also a Judo master. Foo has trained with Jackie Chan, Yuen Wooping, and Panna Rittikrai.