Pregnancy Massage Poole

Consider a pregnancy massage if you are expecting. This therapy is beneficial for both mother
as well as baby. It helps to reduce stress and emotional upheavals that pregnancy can bring. It
helps to change the body and promotes blood circulation. This improves oxygen and nutrients
for both mother and baby. It can increase the production of endorphins, which can help both
mother and baby get better sleep.

It is important that you find a qualified and skilled massage therapist. The best place to start is at
your local Spa. A skilled massage therapist will give you the type of treatment you want, and one
that is relaxing and soothing. A good pregnancy massage will help alleviate some of the
common discomforts of pregnancy, and will even boost your mood! The massage therapist will
use fluffy pillows to support you, and a pregnancy massage will be completely customized to
your needs.

Before giving you a massage, a massage therapist will conduct a consultation. This consultation
is confidential, and they’ll offer you a suitable alternative treatment if your medical history
suggests it’s inappropriate. A pregnancy massage will usually involve the mum-to-be lying on her
side on a massage couch, and will be supported with pillows and towels. A sheet will be used to
cover any exposed areas on the body by the massage therapist.